The Milkman Delights - Melon Milk 60ml

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Melon Milk by Milkman Delights - 60mL

From Milkman Delights: Melon Milk captures the refreshing essence of a honeydew melon & cream flavored ice pop! You’ll find the luscious, juicy honeydew flavor in Melon Milk really kicks in on the exhale, and the exquisitely balanced, top-quality cream keeps things rich and smooth throughout in this tantalizing refreshing e-liquid.

You can’t go wrong with Melon Milk on a hot summer day, or any other sort of day for that matter. And as always, Melon Milk handily meets the Milkman's exemplary standards of excellence you know you can count on, with every delicious batch meticulously crafted and bottled in sunny Los Angeles, California.

Flavor profile: A refreshing and creamy honeydew treat. 

Bottle Size:
Nicotine Levels:  3mg/mL