ANML Wolfpack 60ml

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Wolfpack by ANML Unleashed: Rich, ripened sweet raspberry radiates in Wolfpack by ANML Unleashed—the newest flavor in ANML's highly-curated flavor collection, known for its dominant and unmatched flavor profiles. The perfect fusion of mouth watering sweet raspberry and rich cream is complimented by refreshing citrus notes of blood orange clawing through your senses with each and every inhale.

An expertly-crafted raspberry flavor, dripped in delightful rich cream, and topped with light notes of blood orange make Wolfpack the perfect, juicy, smooth and layered all-day-vape experience. Don’t cheat your taste buds out of Wolfpack's superior flavor: this tantalizing selection from ANML Unleashed packs a punch you won’t want to miss.

Flavor Profile: Ripened sweet raspberry and delightful rich cream balanced with light citrus notes of blood orange

Bottle Size: 60mL
Nicotine Level: 3mg/mL