GBOM OGV Aroma Flavour Shot 120ml

Sale priceR 220.00

Aroma Flavour Shots from GBOM are now available!

DIY Aroma Guide:
• Remove the Lid
• Remove the Top Cap
• Fill with 10ml Nic Shot (Purchase Separately)
• Fill with 80ml VG (Purchase Separately)
• Replace the Top Cap & Lid
• Shake Well to Mix

This is a flavour shot only (30ml flavouring in a 120ml bottle) and is not intended for inhalation as is. 



Beyond - Dive into a vortex of pure energy. Beyond just a flavour, it's a turbo-charged blend that electrifies your palate with the essence of a bold, exhilarating energy drink. Unleash the power within and vape into the Beyond.

Millionaires Shortbread - A rich buttery vanilla-based shortcrust pastry layered with a devilish salted caramel and drizzled with a chocolate ganache.

Moondrops ON ICE BOOSTED - Freshly sliced mango and luscious litchi. Now with an added splash of ice.

Flavour: Beyond