Loaded Melon Milkshake 120ML

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Melon Milkshake E-juice is a silky smooth e-liquid with incredible flavor. Refreshing melons blended into a rich milkshake with a hint of honey is a true crowd pleaser. Don’t sleep on Melon Milkshake!

Melon milkshake e-juice is true to its name and you will be surprised with the refreshing qualities of this e-liquid. When you’re vaping this juice, it will instantly remind you of a classic milkshake from your favorite diner joint. The velvety throat hit from the milky flavor will please the cloud chasers with rich clouds. Your tastebuds will be in for a real treat and it will be hard to resist fogging up your room. The burst of fresh melons rides perfectly on the milky waves to give you a light and refreshing experience. The soft and rich milkshake flavor combined with melons makes for a perfectly blended e-juice. Lastly, the hint of honey is the cherry on top leaving you with a floral and sweet aftertaste!

Glass Bottle- 120ML

VG/PG- 80/20

Nic Strength: 0mg