Psycho Yeti by Puff Labs

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Before you take a pull of this enlightening vape juice you think the Yeti is just a myth. Get ready to learn the truth. He is real and he’s coming for you. On the inhale you taste juicy fruits and a hint of menthol coolness. But as you draw more in, the fruits explode in your mouth into a thousand tiny particles all bringing to life a creature you thought was not real. The Psycho Yeti has found you. On the exhale you see his awesome power in the monster size of smoke. He is leaving and you can’t stand to let go of the taste of fruity coolness so you drag him back. He belongs to you now. Try Psycho Yeti today and see if you don’t turn a little Psycho yourself just like the Yeti


  • 80% Vegetable Glycerine
  • 20% Propylene Glycol (Includes Flavouring)


Chubby Gorilla Bottle with Childproof Cap




Las Vegas – United States of America

Available in 3mg Nicotine Strengths