Riot Squad Nic Salts 30ml

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Riot Squad presents their famous bullet shaped salts that will load your vape and shoot straight through flavour town!

  • 30ml Bullet Bottle
  • 20/48mg Salt Nic strength

Flavours Available:

Blue Burst: Immerse yourself into sub-zero temperatures with this icy blue raspberry slush, a menthol explosion to set your senses alight.

Cherry Fizzle: Feel the fizz with this deep cherry vape, then let the turmoil begin between the fighting notes of sweet then sour on your taste buds.

Pink Grenade: Prepare to get in a fizz as this weapon is charged up with lemon and explosive strawberry lemonade.

Rich Black Grape: The chaos of devine black grape offset with an understated dash of mint.

Sub Lime: Subversive flavours of sweet acidic lime and lemon, that will mess up your senses and leave you with a sour aftertaste.

Tropical Fury: A powerful mix of bashed tropical fruit combined to deliver a tangy, intense vape with a sparkly warm aftertaste. An exotic blast of flavours.

Ultra Peach Tea: A fierce sweet peach tea. Served as it is best, on the rocks.

Flavour: Blue Burst 20mg