Strawbry Spiket by Steeped Juice 60ml

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To a three-year-old child, biscuit might not be part of the default vocabulary, where as spiket, on the other hand, most definitely is. And, as the unspoken rule goes, “when a child says something funny, you act like an idiot and follow suit”…

Taking an expertly baked cookie and dunking it into a perfectly blended sweet strawberry butter might give you half the flavour this juice does. Don’t believe us? Well, best you “act like an idiot and follow suit”…

Oh, and why “strawbry” and not strawberry you ask? Read strawbry kicker’s story and you might find out.

  • 60ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle
  • 0/3/6mg Nic Strength
Nic Strength: 0mg